Olmeca’s Run The Joyas Mix

SXSW brings by a lot of calibrations. Before and after. We prepared some heat for the fans before going to Austin this year. Here is the link to this fresh display of conscious Hip Hop being executed over a bed of turntablism in a fresh mix.

This is what Olmeca has to say about it,

Olmeca continues his refusal to be restrained within any musical genre or content with his latest release, “Run the Joyas Mixtape. This jewel is a collab with Dj Ethos (Ana Tijoux, Los Rakas, Acid Reign) that mashes Production from El-P, Kanye West, Diplo remixes and more while addressing the plight of people of color in the U.S.

Olmeca flips it with wit and style, flow and cadence, while Ethos orchestrates impeccable turntablism to construct beautiful musical anarchy.

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